Primary Science CPD

In November 2019, the Curiosity network introduced an evening CPD series to top up teachers’ knowledge of tricky curriculum topics and connect to relevant aspects of Bristol’s culture.

In every free, 1.5 hour session an inspirational speaker connected the big ideas of science with the region’s local history and culture. Then local educators provided top tips for teaching the tricky topic, and how to fit in with Ofsted’s broad and balanced curriculum. All sessions ended with time for chit-chat amongst teachers and quizing of speakers.

You can read more about the first two events in the series below:

Curiosity Boosters School Poster - postponed

And please stay tuned to the blog and twitter feed to find out details for the soon to be rearranged CPD sessions on Evolution and Space (cancelled due to COVID-19).










All these CPD events are sponsored by STEM Learning.