Be inspired by UWE Bristol engineers

UWE Bristol engineering students, alumni and staff have recorded home-videos to provide children an insight into their journeys as engineers and what that looks like.

The videos are between 1 – 5 min long and each has a short description beside it so you can pick one or two to inspire your class with.

Hannah Gray – Aerospace Engineering Student

Hannah just graduated (2020) with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from UWE Bristol and  explains for a young audience what engineering is and how she got into it. She gives insight into how creativity lends itself to designing solutions to problems – the essence of engineering! Listen to find out why Hannah thinks anyone can be an engineer and how she thinks engineers can help tackle the climate crisis.


Maryam Lamere – Engineering Lecturer and Researcher at UWE Bristol

Maryam loves engineering and speaks a little about her research into pee-powered electricity. Most of all, she emphasises that a good engineer never gives up!


Thomas Brown – Mechanical Engineering Student

Thomas speaks about his alternative route into engineering, emphasising the practical applicability of engineering creative solutions to everyday challenges. Speaking of challenges, Thomas struggled with maths, but has found ways to work through that and now looks with anticipation towards the worldwide potential open to him and his multidisciplinary skillset.


Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee – UWE Bristol Aerospace Engineer Alumni

Krystina gives a little insight into her job at BAE Systems, alongside sharing some top tips, how she’s overcome challenges and why she’s excited for the future of engineering.


Timothy Hampl – Aerospace Engineering Student

Inspired by space flight as a child, Tim shares how he considered becoming a pilot but decided that being an engineer gave him scope to do something even cooler – contribute to the evolution of flight technology! He explains how he’s using computers to design and test out aircraft components and advises kids to pursue what they love.