What we do

Curiosity Connections is the network for people and organisations wishing to promote, support and deliver inspirational STEM education in primary schools across the Greater Bristol region.

A Bristol network

There is a lot happening in and around Bristol that aims to engage primary school-age children, their teachers and their families, in STEM activities. It can be confusing, intimidating or exhausting to try and navigate these opportunities without support. The Curiosity Connections network exists to provide way for people to come together and connect, all with the purpose of delivering inspirational primary STEM education accessible across the Greater Bristol region.

How Curiosity Connections can help

There are three ways in which you can connect with the Curiosity Connections network and get help with navigating through what’s available for delivering inspiring primary STEM activities:

    • You can subscribe to the Curiosity Connections blog to get regular updates relating to primary STEM education news and opportunities.

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    • You can meet real people and make real connections at one of our events.