Help for Year 6 transition

Children’s transition from primary to secondary school is fairly daunting under normal circumstances, but the home-schooling enforced by COVID-19 has got many teachers and parent’s concerned about the Year 6s making the jump this year.

It’s clear that a bit of extra help might be needed, and in response, two UWE Bristol led teams – Future Quest and Children’s University – have created a workbook to provide additional support for Year 6s.

The workbook aims to build children’s expectations for their own futures using fun activites based on three themes:

  • life skills e.g. Making Your Favourite Food
  • personal strengths and well-being e.g. Time Management
  • society and values e.g. Reflection–‘Time Capsule Letter’

You can download the workbook to print for your class, send the pdf through to be used online, or actually request the kind people at Future Quest to print and post copies to you for free – just email


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