Six Week STEM Club Challenge – Pack-A-Lunch Challenge!

Welcome to the Spring term Six Week STEM Club Challenge – the Pack-A-Lunch Challenge.

This Six Week STEM Club Challenge comes with a bonus – a visit to an amazing (free!) STEM fair in Weston-s-Mare on the 24th April 2020. All schools are invited to the fair, but those schools with groups who complete this STEM Club Challenge will have the opportunity to show their work as part of the fair and get judged as part of the fair’s STEM projects competition!

What is the Pack-A-Lunch Challenge?

The Pack-A-Lunch Challenge is a team challenge which asks the students to design a new lunchbox using recyclable material and to research and create menus which use locally sourced food. This challenge enables the students to learn about food miles and what a balanced lunch consists of.

Challenge Pack Materials

Pack-a-Lunch Challenge – Teacher’s Guide

Pack-A-Lunch Challenge – example planning sheet – suggested plan for running the challenge over 6 weeks.

Other Six Week STEM Club materials – blank diary sheet, blank planning sheet and blank certificate of participation.

Attending the STEM Fair

Everyone attending the Big Bang @ Weston must register for the event (free). To be part of the competition you need to register for the morning session on the 24th April.

Please email to register your interest in entering teams into the competition.

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