Kids can explore engineering careers in a fun quiz

Engineering UK have launched a quick 8 question quiz for anyone older than 7 to see what their top engineering strengths and career possibilities could be.

Get you class to take the Meet the Future You quiz and help them to explore engineering.

Ever wondered what an engineer does? Could you see yourself exploring outer space, protecting the environment, designing apps or developing cures for diseases? Engineers do all this, and more!

The questions examine students skills and passions, with questions like, how would you like to spend your summer holidays?

The results match students to the top three fields of engineering, with a few potential jobs. Short descriptions of the full 12 core engineering fields can also be examined if students want to know what else is out there.

In addition to career matching, the quiz leaves students feeling positive by pointing out their top three strengths!


1,500 people have already taken the quiz in just the last couple of months, join them in finding what kind of engineer you could be….


The quiz was developed by EngineeringUK in partnership with UCL Engineering and with support from ICE, IET, IMECHE, IOP and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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