Sign up to Read Science-y Stories to Curious Children

Curiosity Connections is taking part in the Bristol’s Storytale Festival in October half-term and is in need of STEM Ambassadors to read short stories that challenge perceptions of science to children.

Curious Stories for Curious Children” will be running every day from October 28th until November 1st at various locations across the city.

We’ll pick the short, stereotype-busting children’s books – they’ll only take 15 – 30 min to read. And we’re going to provide some expert storytelling training to our volunteers.

Sign up for a reading slot on the STEM Ambassador website (If you’re not already a STEM Ambassador then you’ll need to register first).

You can read more about the Storytale festival on Bristol 24/7.


(Grounded Cloud has sponsored the Storytale festival by providing branding, graphic and web design services and J Farrington Copywriting has contributed creative copywriting services)

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  1. Hi, unfortunately I am not over in Bristol to be involved. But I do have an outreach science book called “Off to work with mummy the Plant Science” which is a picture book for preschool-early school ages. I would be happy to donate some for the festival and then to the local libraries after the festival if you are interested?


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