Local teachers and industry connect to broaden and balance the primary curriculum

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting last Thursday – it was great to have so many local people from different sectors gathered together to discuss primary education!

18 Bristol primary school teachers and headteachers attended, all interested in how to introduce the broad and balanced curriculum, and in meeting the 11 representatives from STEM industries.

There were great discussions about improving the cultural and  scientific capital in schools by connecting to Bristol’s STEM history and its amazing future STEM industry.

What is a broad and balanced curriculum?

A new framework being implemented by Ofsted come September 2019.

You can read more about the framework, but in short –  inspectors will be considering
“the extent to which leaders ensure that their pupils will benefit from a well taught,
broad and balanced curriculum.”

That means science and art content will need to balance alongside literacy and numeracy!

What’s next?

The group was a hotbed for ideas and here at Curiosity Connections we’ll be using those ideas to plan the networks future!

That will include making more connections between STEM industry and schools, developing the calendar of local events and surveying teachers to find out what CPD they  need, and then finding ways to deliver it!

In the meantime, if you want a STEM ambassador to come out to your school to show your class what careers they could go into, or to explain some science, or how they use science to contribute to society – then please do get in contact.

workshop 1



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