Healthy Eating Lessons for Kids

Eat Like A Champ is a free, evidence – based healthy eating education programme aimed at primary school children aged 9-10 years.

The aim is to tackle the growing issue of poor nutrition and obesity amongst children by making healthy eating exciting, and inspiring children to adopt the healthy choices of champions they admire

There are six tailored lessons about healthy eating, hydration and staying active – all linked to the curricula.

As well as loads of recipes ideas for parents – from lunches to snacks.

To access resources and register for a free digital toolkit, please click here.

The content of Eat Like A Champ was written in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation to ensure that the lessons are of the highest possible standard, up to date with the latest government guidelines, and complement primary school curricula throughout the UK. Resources have been updated to reflect Public Health Englands’ recent changes to the Eatwell Guide, supports the healthy schools initiatives, is compliant with the Core Food Competency Framework and European Food Framework and in line with the Change4Life campaign.

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