Another ‘cracking’ project for the Great Science Share

Amy Sanders’ pupils at Oakfield Academy in Frome, Somerset, have been investigating moonlanders in their project for the Great Science Share, Bristol and Bath regional event on Tuesday 18th July.

Miss Sanders’ pupil Molly explained the project:

“The target was to create something for an egg to sit in. Another part of the challenge was to make sure that the egg didn’t crack when Miss Sanders dropped our moonlander from the ceiling.

You could achieve this by wrapping your egg in something soft such as cotton wool, bubble wrap or even toilet paper. This will help break the fall and hopefully stop the egg from cracking.

Our moonlanders were all very different, some had huge parachutes, some were a work of art, and some might have been 100% unique. When our moonlanders were dropped from the ceiling they were given a time. The aim was to achieve the slowest time.”

Amy  Sanders GSC investigation x2.JPG

The Bristol and Bath Great Science Share event is 10am – 2pm on Tuesday 18th July, and you can sign up to bring your class along, and find out  what Molly and her classmates observed from their investigation.

And if you’re a scientist who’d like to come and show kids like Molly the cool stuff your company or department are doing, please drop an email to

For more information read a previous blog post about the Great Science Share here.



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