Let slip an educational show on farting this term

No really – F*RTOLOGY! is a multi-disciplinary show packed with explosions, smells, stunts, biochemistry, a surprising amount of physics, laughter, the world’s loudest fart machine (probably) and at least one massive bottom.

It’s curriculum-driven and hits multiple learning objectives whilst still making the audience wet itself laughing. The show has absolutely no innuendo in it (who needs innuendo when you’re showing in detail how a sphincter works and passing faeces live on stage?) That said, it’s clean, educational and suitable for audiences from kids to adults.

F*RTOLOGY! is TV presenter Stefan Gates’ outrageous new Gastronaut science stage show. The Gastronauts are famous for their shows which they take worldwide to venues of various sizes.

If you want to hear more about the show, please drop an email to stefan@thegastronaut.com and if you’re interested in dates and prices please call Jan at DML on 020 3542 1367.

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