Evening with a Popular Science Writer – 12th March

In recognition of British Science Week (8-17 March 2019), popular science author Brian Clegg is holding a talk at Swindon Central Library about his new book – Dice World.

The talk is on Tuesday 12th March from 7pm.

dice worldJoin Brian for a fascinating exploration of probability, statistics and randomness. Explaining how chaos and randomness are often behind the realities of everyday life.

You’ll learn how to toss a head ten times in a row, make predictions with impossible accuracy, why people volunteer to give up thousands of pounds for no good reason, and recreate a game show that left the woman with the World’s highest IQ being reviled by a whole list of academics… until they discovered she was right.

The talk will be followed by a QI-inspired quiz – do come find out exactly how science savvy you are!

Sign up here: https://swindonlibraries.wordpress.com/2019/01/28/an-evening-of-science-with-brian-clegg/

Advanced tickets £5     Door tickets £7

Tickets available from Central Library or call 01793 466454

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