Computer Science Support

CAS Barefoot - Supported by BT

The Barefoot project aims to prepare primary school teachers for the computer science element of the computing curriculum.

There are three main aspects of the Barefoot Computing Project:

  • Exemplar free teaching activities: Created by a team of practicing computing teachers, these high quality, cross-curricular activities help primary teachers to deliver the computing curriculum in engaging and practical ways. You can search for an activity by topic, key stage and activity type.

  • Teach yourself concepts: Resources help primary teachers improve their subject knowledge and understanding, as well as giving clear progression across all primary school age and ability ranges.

  • Barefoot Workshops: These free twilight CPD sessions are run by volunteer experts and introduce teachers to the Barefoot computing resources, taking you through what it means to be ‘computational thinkers’, with cross curricula activities to try both without computers (unplugged) and with computers (plugged). Teachers can arrange for a Barefoot Workshop to be help at their school and benefit from great resources and support.

Barefoot Computing also provides free posters for your classroom, and information about other initiatives to help you on your computer science journey.


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