CBeebies Engineering Activities for Early Years

The CBeebies team behind Bitz & Bob have put together some resources that they’d love teachers/parents/science communicators to use to encourage Early Years engineering activities during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2018, which is next week – 5th-9th November.



Bitz and Bob

The show’s lead character, Bitz, is an amazing 8 year old female inventor and engineer who can fix and make anything. She and her little brother Bob solve fun engineering problems, but they don’t always get it right first time! They may struggle, get frustrated or even fail at times but they have the confidence to apply imaginative thinking to iterate new solutions.


The resources

Follow the link to download three amazing craft videos and an activity sheet which children will love! https://we.tl/t-DT5r9mnLrm

The resources outline experiments that can be done at home, showing children some basic principles of engineering while having loads of fun. Using only simple materials and the help of an adult, children can invent a way to save the day just like Bitz!

Video 1: Static Butterflies

Make a butterfly magically flap its wings using static electricity. The balloon passes over negatively charged electrons that attracts the positively charged butterfly.

You will need; pencil, thin card, thick card, balloon, glue, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, tissue paper, scissors, paint and brush.

Video 2: Floating Balls

Learn about propulsion by making foil balls float in mid-air. Gravity will make them come down eventually but the harder you blow the higher they’ll go.

You will need; pencil, thick card, bowl, scissors, straw, foil, tape.

Video 3: Balloon Rockets

Make your balloon rocket across the room and learn about propulsion! The air inside the balloon acts like the fuel. It is stronger than the forces acting against the balloon such as air resistance and gravity.

You will need; balloons, straws, scissors, string, tape.

(You could then get your kids to fill in the rocket rescue activity sheet)

CBeebies Creative App

Finally – there is an app that is available to download for free that features great creative tasks where children can choose Bitz & Bob as a buddy to guide them through.

Tune into CBeebies at 16:45 to catch Bitz & Bob and find the show on BBC iPlayer anytime.

Bitz & Bob shows children that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) exists in everything that we do.  The Bitz and Bob team hope that the show (and these resources!) makes STEAM accessible to everyone, encouraging diversity in STEM, raising aspirations for girls and inspiring creativity. They are also planning on creating more material in 2019 – watch this space!

This blog post was adapted from the Engineering our Future blog by Laura Hobbs , for more information visit https://blogs.uwe.ac.uk/engineering/

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