Primary Engineer Leaders Awards launches

“If you were an engineer, what would you do?” Is the question being posed to pupils from primary schools in the South West of England. The free competition asks students to find a problem, invent a solution, draw it, explain it and send it in.
Schools can register for the Leaders Awards now! Students are then invited to be inspired by an engineer from a local industry, and apply an engineer’s eye to the world, identifying problems in need of solving. When they have settled on their idea, they draw and annotate it, making clear what the problem is and their unique solution to it.

Pupils are encouraged to interview local engineers, but to also take part in the online interviews. The first online interview, is at 14:30 on the 20th September with Sunita L. Williams, a NASA Astronaut.

If your school wants to be involved in any of these interviews please register your interest via email to and they will  keep you posted on their schedule.

The awards are supported by the University of the West of England, Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).

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