Computing Concepts

This document explains the fundamental principles of the computer science aspect of the computing curriculum in England. If you a teacher looking to make sense of the concepts and terminology contained within the Computing programmes of study, or a volunteer looking for some neat ways of helping people understand the fundamentals of computing, then this could be a very useful document!

Understanding the new programmes of study for computing.pdf (1MB)

It is written by Simon Peyton Jones, the chair of Computing at School (CAS) which is the organisation that shaped the reform of the English computing curriculum.

CAS is a community of individuals who are passionate about giving children a great education in computing. CAS Community members run over 150 regional hubs across the UK. Being part of the CAS community is free, you get no spam, and you’ll have access to 20,000+ colleagues, 3,000+ resources, the online discussions, and much more. For information about CAS hubs in the South West, click here!


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